Difficulty Help. (KINDA ADVANDCED)

ok, So I want to make it so that when I start my boss fight, people can choose how many lives
a player can have( Bassically you have a set amount of respawns. )
This is my 4th attempt (am am mentally depressed, for no one could find a answer)
so pls help.
Also I want the player to be able to see how many lives they have left in the corner (using overlays)

So have buttons, that give them a certain property. When player dies, minus 1 from the property. When reach 0, mark them spectators.

Make it so it updates every time a player dies, the game overlay.

The buttons btw, choose how many lives you get.

Make the property broadcast on a channel that triggers the overlay’s blocks. This should update the overlay. This should work. I forgot if you used the create text block from the last help post.

Set the number using a counter/ popup shop.

Give the player that many of an item.

On death, check if the amount of seeds is equal to 1. If so, set player to spectate. If not, take one seed away and respawn the player.

Just have a G.O. that shows the amount of seeds in the corner.

Yeah, but it didn’t work the first time… The overlay would not update no matter what i tried

You sure? Made it in block code and made it when receiving channel, when you died, it transmit that so it updates it?

If so, use a repeater then.

Uh huh, this was the old help post, and you could see my old layout here: Property issue, unable to update? - #13 by Epi320

activate this system with a button instead of a lifecycle or other stuff

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So, I want to make it so that there are multiple different levels of dificulty, so you can choose to have 3 or 10 or 20 lives. Also, I want to make it so that you can see how many lives are left in a overlay.

use multiple systems ig

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You called?

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Ok, so after my friend STILL wouldn’t helped me, and I re thought the idea, I decided to scrap the overlay idea, and instead, when you die, you are shown how many lives you have left, then after 5 sec, you are respawned into the game.

Also, I made it so that the host will first spawn into a area with button, so they can choose how many lives they get.
Here it is. Any ideas?