[Difficulty: 1/10] How to make a readable note 📝 [Credits to @raeB & @Pro_Builder456]

Today, I am going to show you how to make a readable note.
this system is gonna let you read a note on the paper.
Let’s get started ,shall we?

What you will need:
Papers x1
Button x1
Popup x1

Step 1. Take the prop/paper and wire it to the button. [Prop made visible-Activate button]

Step 2. Make the button not visible in game and make the title say ‘Read papers’ or something like that and put it under the papers.

Step 3- Now wire the button to the popup. [Button Pressed-Open Popup]

Step 4- Make the popup whatever you want in the notes!


End result:

That’s all! Feel free to like and share, both are greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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Nice Guide!
Aren’t there already guides on this, be sure to credit them!

I’d say this is a :blue_square: or 1/10.

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Ooo nice guide! I like the little :memo: !

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I would suggest adding other things to your guide to prevent it from copying other people’s guides. Try adding read this note to start an adventure. For example you find a “treasure map” you read it and a waypoint appears and guides you to the treasure as well as some new quests.


Maybe to satisfy others add parts like a little dropdown like this

Ways you can use this

To give lore and storyline
To give instructions
For random details
Hints for puzzles and finding what to do next in a gamemode
Credits in lobby/spawn/end of game
Game update recordings

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Bump for having paper. (I love paper)

ohh i forgot about this…nice mini-guide!