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if you forgot, i was planning on making a game when DLD creative releases called “i wanna be the gim”. it’s a really hard platformer game meant to be like DLD but way harder.
incase you didn’t know. the game is HEAVILY inspired by i wanna be the guy / i wanna test the game.

ROUTES: a cool and interesting feature i plan on adding into the game. every summit you complete. you get to go 2 different paths / routes. these will lead to different summits with unique obstacles. paths, traps, ETC
SHOPS: every summit has a shop with their own unique items/weapons that can help you with climbing up different summits
WEIRD TRAVEL DUDE: he’s quite literally just a weird travel dude. appears in the shop and different other summits. has a chance to just kill you for no reason

also, i got rid of the no checkpoints and only 3 lives rule of the game
i’d love to add boss fights, but idk if i could make them

INSTA-SENTRIES: Sentries that can just instantly kill you. Equipped with powerful weapons and big amounts of health
INSTA-LASERS: Lasers that can just instantly kill you. I’m not gonna yap because you already get the deal
TELEPORTERS: Teleporters can be activated from secrets in different summits that teleport the player to the next summit, the next shop, ETC
FAKE TELEPORTERS: These teleporters can’t be activated from secrets. And just are there to troll players. Once the player teleports to the fake teleporter. They either go down falling. Get teleported back -1 summit. Or lose a ton of energy/cash.
DISTRACTIONS: The player can just randomly be shown distracting popups/banners to annoy them. These can make them lose energy, health and speed. But that’s all I’ve got so far when it comes to ideas for this

And that’s kinda it, if you have some thoughts about the game i plan on making on. leave some thoughts or ideas about it! thanks and see you soon

Sorry, but wip is unused.

still, you got any thoughts on the thing

This is pretty interesting… hope to see the final product!

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Maybe from that shop dude, add gadgets (to annoy players)?

Seems good! You should totally add a boss fight

Maybe you could add timings?
(idk if that’s possible, also, dld isn’t in gkc yet I thought?)

im already getting flashbacks from iwbtg in geometry dash…

If you do boss fights, definitely make it so you attack by jumping and other movement stuff, not just the generic weapons.

“I wanna be the gim”… hello fellow geometry dash player :slight_smile:

I recommend you make some painful robot-like timings that abuse double jumps.

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The post that says they are not allowed.
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A devlog is a showcase. No showcases on the forum.

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Why did people start devlogs in the first place? So not related.

No, I don’t.

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So is this what you are planning on to make?
And can you please explain what is the wierd travel guy is

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