Device category [do not reply]


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why do people always do that

Who did you even reverse it onto?

that was a quote…

hey i have to go, bye everyone


I think the rule about off-topic posting is GK’s attempt to ensure that the forums are only used for their intended purpose (that being to get help for problems you might be encountering with Gimkit Creative) - Gimkit has to enforce that rule with a reasonable level of severity because any leniency on their part could become an excuse for people to create a gray area (in which posts have some relevance to the original topic but still don’t really follow the spirit of the rules) and use that as an excuse to use the forums improperly. If other rules were added to specify when and where off-topic posting could be allowed, it would offer a way for people to chat with each other while still following the rules, but any vague sections of the new rules would just make accurate moderation more difficult.

It is something that would make the forums more engaging and enjoyable to be on, though, so hopefully they find some way to make it happen :]

I want to be part the guardians of the gimaxy

Hey, try to look at the date before you post, this was four months ago.

I know,i just got my account yesterday

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Hey, welcome to the community! The Guardians of the Gimaxy and GimAvengers have been disbanded for reasons that are unnecessary for the current date. Now let’s stay on-topic.


What topic ?like can i still bring them back

Please refrain from making posts like these, they are off topic and cause clutter.

Honestly, the Devices category is mainly for flagged posts.

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please please check the dates this was from 5 months ago

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Oh, lol