Detecting Single player vs multi player

Okay this will probably be solved fast but yeah…I need help…

Use a player counter with a counter with a target of one.

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Player counter? heh

And a checker if you want to detect single instead of multi.

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The number of players joined, thats what he means

Bro they know what a player counter is lol.

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They asked a questions on it, like they were confused.

I know what it means…I just don’t know how to make one….

There’s guides on that.

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Yeah…imma go find one one minute

Okay, so I was using this guide but its not all the way complete… and I need it to be a bit more specific
so if there is only one player when the game starts, it moves them to the single player area, but if it’s multiple people, the team zone…

Maybe make something that says when a player joins late, it makes them alone and it automatically teleports them to somewhere. If only one person can be alone, then make a randomizer so that it randomly chooses a player to be alone. The rest of the team is on the same team, and if you don’t want the late-joining player to be by itself, make a code that says when “player joins late–add to team 1” or something like that. \

Probably makes no sense but I tried.

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It’s actually pretty easy, all you need is a lifecycle(game start) triggering a relay(all players) incrementing a counter.

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yeah…I figured it out…I hope

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Okay i figured it out, gonna go make a guide on how to move the players…yada yada yada…thanks!


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