Detecting Players in the Game

How do i make it so in a room, it detects if players are in there or not and if there is everyone in the game there, they get teleported to another room?

Use a player counter, and have a property linked to the amount of players. Then have the zone also update a counter connected to a different property, and if property 1= Property 2, teleport using relays.


put a zone in the room, and connect it to a counter with a target value. make it so that player enters zone, increment counter. then place down a trigger or wire repeater so that player leaves zone, trigger, then when triggered, decrement counter. Then connect the counter to a relay that relay’s all players so that target value reached, trigger relay, then the relay to a teleporter so that relay trigger, teleport player here or to target.

I’m still confused

  1. Make a live player counter. Place down a property and link it to the counter.
  2. When Player Enters Zone----Increment Counter. When Player Leaves Zone----Decrement Counter.
  3. If the amount of the players in the game (the property) = the amount of players in the zone (the other property), use a relay to teleport everyone.
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sorry lxmas, i made a few errors in my response, but i fixed them, so look at it again and see if your still confused.

Can you show me a screenshot?

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I don’t have one.

And I don’t really feel like making it right now. But take this link,

then make the counter. Place down a trigger to compare the properties, and go from there.

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And I meant I haven’t made it in game.

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(1) Make a live player counter

(2) Make a counter for how many players are in the zone (make sure you decrement counter when they leave the zone)

(3) Make two properties (total_players and players_in)

(4) Set each counter to update their respective property

(5) Connect (players_in) property to item granter (Property value changed → Run wire pulse block)

(6) Do these blocks for Wire pulse block


(7) Deactivate barrier (or hide prop) on Barrier1 (or whatever channel you used)