Deleted guide: not enough editing time

Deleted, not enough time, basic user.


Can you make a section on different enemy’s that make them have more health and HP?

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I was planning on that! You just add to the sentryH property when you enter a specific fight!

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Please finish this soon, as you have an editing limit of a day as a basic user.

Oh, I did not see that, but a there a way to delete this post?

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Not after comments. But you can move it to devices and make the title “Deleted guide” or something. Or get a regular to do that for you.

Yes there is, however there are comments on it so you can not. I would recommend editing the title to be deleted and the text too, and to use a separate program like Google docs to pre plan WIP guides.

You are a regular, can you? I apologize, I am so sorry!


Does that work? You could edit it too, since it is your guide. Just press the pencil icon on the guide.

Ok I’ll delete the content in it! Thank you so much!

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Don’t delete, copy and move to draft. My sword guide was a draft for 2 1/2 days, as I still needed time for other edits and changes

@Thats_Gimpossible sorry, my computer did not register the name change! So sorry for that! It said it was still the old title! Apologies!

I know you did delete it, but you can copy the 1st draft to use

Too late, just look for @NavyCatZ guide soon. I will make mine, from what he said, his will be vastly different

Click the pencil to copy paste a previous version.

Ok, but U will keep it as this right now!


Yeah. It will stay the same, it will just allow you to view a previous version.

I can make a wiki community guide if you want, and you can edit it that way

No, I think it would be best not to now.

What is that? I have heard of a wiki guide but may be more specific please