Deleted Guide making new one

Its a randomised bounty for killing someone
I didn’t know I could do this Since I don’t know code but I CREATED MY FIRST ORIGINAL BLOCK CODE

But here is how to do it

First you need an knockout, notification and a Waypoint
Screenshot 2023-11-30 5.10.30 PM

Now you make a channel called bounty and put it on the knockout Manager
Screenshot 2023-11-30 3.14.54 PM

now You need to do this block code but You can put less or more than I did based on how random you want the bounty to happen

Next you do this

lastly you do this

{this is Updated quite a bit}

And If I sounded clear enough you should have a randomised Bounty Creator


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This is interesting… Pretty original!

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:face_holding_back_tears: Thank you so much

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Cool guide, I never thought of using a bounty system!

Nice Job!
You’ve improved from your last guide!

I think this is a 2-3/10-ish.
You can also make this for the bounty hunter and not just the target when he knocks out a player and there can be a randomizer for the cash.

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for me it was somewhat easy but took a bit to try to figure out but Realized how easy it is

the cool thing about it is, Whoever murdered the person has a chance to have their name shown as an bounty, but really took me awhile to figure out how to make it show a random bounty with triggering name I am absolutely proud of this I hope people love this

You can turn it off in the map options and scrolling to the Ui

wait… I forgot I should add a money on the bounty!!

True, bounty’s need a reward, otherwise no one will care about them…

This is a nice concept!


@Gimkitsuggestor the notifications don’t seem to do anything, there’s not many words in it, you could make it clearer why the bounty is random, make it clear where the blocks are, why you need the notification, etc
Is it just there because it’s the cheapest block device?

yeeeeh… what is your suggestions

Nice guide!

no theres block code on the device

I’m pretty sure it’s a difficulty one.

Could You all Delete your posts Im going to redo My Guide

that wont work, mods have to remove the posts, just move this into Devices and name it to “deleted guide”

I redid it now so okay

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If you want the guide to be deleted, mark a solution.

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Yeah, otherwise it creates clutter.

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