Deleted Guide(duplicated)

(Deleted by Original Author)

This is a duplicate guide and does not need to exist.

The Power of Layers

Full Guide to Terrain: Layers and Erasing tips (:green_square:)


Where is the original, I have never seen it, and I had to help a user who didn’t know how to use layering. Like an hour ago, so its obviously not helping users.

K never saw neither of them and teh second guide is as old as this forum, no one will look for that.

As stated many times on the forum, new users do not read guides. Guides that already exist do help people, but new users are just too ignorant/don’t know to read them.


Then maybe they don’t know the guide exists. So maybe you link the guide. So maybe you don’t make duplicates.

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Or the users just want help as fast as possible and don’t want to search through the mountain of guides.

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There it’s gone, now stop posting on this.

Yes, though those two are the top results.


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Yet no one searched it up, not even Haiasi.

This also goes for helpers.

If you don’t want to see my posts, don’t do things that don’t make sense, or just don’t hit the button to show them.

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It would have been faster with a guide, not a 20 minute disscution. And this back and forward disscution is why I don’t talk to you much, we are so different and always fight, that is why I have you blocked and I left the WIX. Yeah soorry if thats a bit off-topic.

A discussion is better to teach people.


True, but you get the point on how that is not always the case.

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