Death Run Room Ideas

I’m working on a Death Run map, and I’ve got one room done, (See screenshot) but I want like 4 or 5 rooms. Any Ideas?

There isnt a screenie

But it says there is

Maybe a laser room, with lasers that alternate on and off?

But potentally when a button is clicked, lasers will acivate

Oh, sorry! Here it is:

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So, yeah…I already did a laser room, even with slippery and sticky spots!

Or you could do a room with quicksand (slow speed and does damage slowly) patches.

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What type of deathrun are you doing?

OOOH! I’ll try that. Maybe one more room idea pls?

Sentries with maxed out quantum portals?

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Eh, kinda too basic…

An area where something is chasing you

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Now, THAT is kinda cool! I’ll combine those two ideas: A quicksand room with something chasing you! Only problem: How do you MAKE the chase?

You could use repeaters and counters to track seconds, and every 2 seconds (or so), the thing that’s chasing moves.

OOOH so kinda like the “moving” poison fog guide! The fact that ya’ll are being so @I-am-helpful really make my day. Thank you guys so much!

No problem! One more thing, I suggest you don’t ping other users, because it gives them a notification. For example, Here_to_help gets a lot.

OOOOH. Sorry, I just saw people using Anythinger and Here_To_Help’s name as a kind of a joke. Sorry!

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