Death Help and spectate

So i want my game death to work like this: when that specific prop is still standing they can respawn, but when prop is destroyed, they cant respawn anymore, they will go to spectate. So far, I added a spawn pad set to the specific team. Is this possible?

check in the bedwars tag


I will help give me a few minutes and I will figure it out for you.
(I tried to use a lifecycle but couldn’t deactivate it so Knockout manager it is)
Items needed: 1x Knockout manager, 3x wires, 1x bed, 1x counter, 1x team switcher
(You will need to do this for each of the beds. )

Step 1

Bed: Enable the bed’s prop damage, set its health to whatever you want.
Counter: Starting value - 1, Visible in game - no, Target value - Yes, Target value- 0
Wire the bed to the counter, Prop destroyed - Decrement counter

Step 2

Knockout manager: Knockout target - Player, Active scope - team, Active on start - no.
Team switcher: Switch strategy - specific team, Team - spectators.
Wire the counter to the KO manager, Target value reached - Activate manager
Wire the KO manager to the team switcher, Target Knocked out - Switch team.

(Please tell me if there is a way to use Lifecycle instead)

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so it doesnt work, i did everything you said.

You might wanna check out this forum post.

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