Deactivating an IIM

Ok, see you soon. I’ll keep testing.

Consider consulting the feedback page:

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you’re using the IIM to control item amounts with the backpacks, correct?
then instead of IIM, using checkers that check every time you fish, checking for the amount of a specific fish u have.
checks can have multiple unique checks. set the “# of unique checks” to {1 + backpack upgrades}
instead of buttons directly checking the checkers, make the buttons trigger a trigger, which has block code to check different checks upon upgrades

There is a guide on deactivating devices that cannot be deactivated, if I’m not wrong.

The problem with IIMs is that they don’t have a “deactivate when receiving on:” setting. I’ve checked. It also doesn’t work with wires.

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You can use psuedo IIM by using counter and/or property to keep track of the amount and an item granter to take away the item if they have too much.

well, this is basically the best thing i’ve got so far so temporary solution

5 hours later: did i say temporary?

WAIT YOU CAN USE A PROPERTY TO DEACTIVATE ONE YESSSSSSsssssssssssssssand how do i use a property for fishing

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