Deactivating an IIM

How do you deactivate an IIM? Do you need a certain device to do it? If so, which one?


Inventory Item Manager

There may be a wire connection to do it? I don’t use IIM’s

yeah, that’s my question

you cant deactivate inventory item managers

but i heard it somewhere and i need it for my fishtopia recreation guide

well, since inventory item managers only perform actions when recieving on a channel, say “clear item”, then to “deactivate” the manager just stop every device from broadcasting “clear item”

in my case, it’s kinda permanent until you buy an upgrade so it still works then? idk

Why do you need your IIM deactivated in the first place? That may help.

wait do iims override each other when one is activated while another one that manages the same item is activated first/already activated?

In its settings, there’s a place to configure what is being used at a time. Look in “All Options.”

i just see:

(i’m in all options btw)

It’s the second setting: Use by default.

Perhaps you should tell me what you’re trying to do with deactivating an IIM in your game. Maybe there’s a way around it if we work together.

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ok so i was working on my fishtopia recreation guide, and i got to the backpack upgrades section and i wondered if there was a way to deactivate an iim or if the just-activated iim overrides or doesn’t override the pre-activated iim

Let me do some tests really quick. I’ll be back.

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instead of IIM to control item amounts, how about using multiple checkers that check the items?

idk how that would work though

uh i gtg for lunch bye see you in like 30 minutes

I have the answer for you! First, have the IIM that you want all players to start with on by default. Change the rest so that they’re not. Then, when your “backpack upgrade” is bought, make it send on a channel to the second IIM, the one that expands the player’s backpack.

Edit: this isn’t working (yet), so I will be continuing my research. Just wanted to let you read it, because the mechanism will be something like this.

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