Dark elf mage class ability

continuation of earlier post, but we coudnt figure out how to do it so now i need a class ability for them

yes I will tell in just a min im replying to a different post (just so you know)

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bro this is the only post on forums thats unsolved and has literally 2 replies


How about you make an ability where (using an overlay button and making a cooldown thing) if a on screen button is pressed everyone will take damage every few seconds for like 10 seconds

Player tagged (settings do not respawn player) ----->broadcast hit---->relay-----activate movement speed (lower speed)

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If that makes sense it will just slow them but for now thats all that is possible without overlay button or overlay and making banner/model where you pick attack.

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Thats actually a great idea, thanks! normally i have an attack ability and then a buff/heal ability, any ideas?

like a zone and psuedo health?

player tags-give damage boost for limited time and + hp
(other one slowing down on player tagged by someone else)

well i already have a health drain ability for my blood demons

oh i just had the coolest idea for a ranger ability @Legobuilder

off topic so i wont continue, but great idea @Legobuilder

Thanks I guess… wasnt me my friend was fooling around with my computer…

oh sorry/ thanks i guess?

my friends took my computer while i was at PE today and just started randomly entering passwords

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yeah…how do you respond to that…ok but still need help? i have some ideas for a mini-guide like that… and sorry that can be annoying…did ya get locked out? no thats off topic nevermind

no i didnt and yes i still need help!

like an ability for dark elfs thats not drain based, although it could prevent mana/ health regen

also abilities for light elf mages

ok its late can I make guide tommarow??when I have more time? I have perfect idea…