Custom Team color waypoints

So I’m making a game.

So basically, I want it so that each player can see everybody else’s location, but the people on their own team have green-colored indicators (waypoints) and his opposing team’s players’ location are in red. Does anybody know how to do that? cuz it never works for me

Look in the all options tab in the settings of the waypoint.

Look around and scroll for a bit, then you should see appearance and stuff,

If there’s an appearance tab, check there. I think there is.

ok, but how do you show where everybody is at once?

Let me see…

Try a relay connected to a waypoint. Make sure it’s location of player.

If not, and doesn’t work, I don’t have the solution. I’ve seen it go around, but I don’t know where. So you might have to ask someone else!


Here you go, try out this guide by Cliclac.

Wow, i was gonna do that.
Anyway, please mark a solution @lionthelioncookie!

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thanks, I’ll check it out!

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