CTF Map Design Help

I have a game with 3 distinct zones. I need help for one of the zones. Here it is:

You’re supposed to go left and right, and I don’t want anything too obstructive.

Sooo your supposed to be dodging the little barrier things? To get the flag?

Its pvp.

So those are for players to hide behind?

sorry just trying to be sure…

Yeah. You can also tag if you capture the zone. And why is there a blurred part?

oooooh k. So you need ideas for map design?


maybe add some destoryable barriers. To make them insecure.

To make who insecure?

the players hiding behind them.

If you’re hiding behind them them, then you can probably tag in that zone.

Maybe add some props with a lake, grassy area, etc.
Or use @Riptide’s guide for a tentacle:
Inky Kraken Art Guide! [Difficulty 0/10 or :white_large_square:]

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