Crafting table recipes help

I am making a recipe challenge for my reality show, and I was wondering what recipe would fit the actual items in gimkit? I want it to be a really hard-to-make recipe.

For example, Seed + water = Fruit. but make it harder.


Yeah I guess I mean that how it works in real life I think

What are you trying to make? Anything or something specific

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Oh, that is entirely up to You! I just want a hard-to-make recipe that fits the items in-game. No, “Brown seed = wood.” just a recipe that fits and uses the gimkit items without making any up.


Oh cool. Let me double check some things with the TUGTED’s

and i would like the recipe to be difficult, its supposed to be a challenge for the players.

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How about…
Shield Can = Med Pack + Energy

Gim fish + Gim Berry equal blue fish

If you want to try to some sort of farming system, you could do something like-
water + brown seed = farm patch(unlocks farm plot/ crafting table)
or you could make it so water + brown seed = potato.
(I think i’m obsessed with the brown seed)

moon and max? can you make the recipes really hard.

its not a farming system, but a reality show challenge to use your resources to create a secret recipe.

20 research → 1 light shard
5 light shard + brown seed + berry → Gimberry seed
20 water + Gimberry seed → Plant Gimberry
20 seconds to grow
Gimberry traded for 20 cash
40 cash + berry → Cash Berry

@Caternaught This should be pretty hard you would need
200 research
2 brown seed
4 berrys
40 water

yeah I can give me a second and what considered hard in you map

Does it have like a special theme for the recipes or just anything we can think of?

like for or five items that creates the item

just random stuff on an island

Start by hiding a crafting table that can be only seen if player if they enter a zone and make it so on a specific part you can fish and make it a low chance of getting the Gim fish and then you can walk in to a part of the map where you have to do some intense farming speed skill for a Gim Berry then put those in a crafting table and make what you want

love it but 200 research? the show is on an island just so you know, so I don’t now how you find research.

I think my idea to intense

??? i am so confused…