Crafting table recipes help

Energy Bar = Blue Seed + Red Seed + Yellow Seed + Green Seed + Plastic Bottle
Gimfish = Energy + Gimberry + Water + Berry Fish

What do you not understand

How about-
Bait + Water + Research + Energy = Fish (Any Fish i guess…)
or maybe-
Water + yellow seed + Energy + Research = Corn

How about since light shards look like gold you have to farm them from a gold statue (tinted metal signs) or something on the map, something most players wouldn’t randomly do

do you understand what I said

To get research you could do something like hiding buttons in places like bushes or water so we can fish or explore to gain research/experience. (Just like activities that we can learn something from like fishing, exploring, tree cutting or even berry picking.)

Brown Seed + Light Shards = Wooden Wand