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How would I make it to where that the leader kills property matches the #1 leaderboard spot.

follow my directions

I did but I don’t get how it would get the one with the most kills and set it to the property

Ok @CassiusDoomlorde I get it but what block code do I use. (Im not so good with it)

set property to triggering player’s name

Okey Dokey Thanks for the help

Why did you make the second duplicate of this post? you can literally just unmark a solution.

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Well the second duplicate wasn’t closed. And I told them to unmark a solution on their 1st duplicate when their original one was still open.

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Im aware but I’ve been busy and I have a system and Im working out bugs now

Screenshot 2024-01-11 7.43.08 PM

Here is my system with block code and its not working. When a player kills it doesn’t waypoint them. Why?

I don’t know and I’m going to sleep.

Ok thanks for helping

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