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Does anyone know how to make it so that a counter will not reset after the game ends and restarts? I am trying to make a rating system for my game when it gets published.

You can’t, sadly. You could use a save code to save data in between games.

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you can not make a leader board with the save file

You can. Anything codable into properties can be transferred over.

Thank you so much for trying to help!

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leaderboard with the top scores from everyone who ever played they referred to a rating system so I assumed world leaderboard

Oh I assumed if was for just the people playing.

world leaderboard seems to be what a lot of people are trying to make because they don’t understand what the save file guide is

Does this mean that I cannot make anything at all that will some how work as a rating system?

gimkit does not have cloud variables if you want a world leaderboard then no

Oh you can’t make a rating system. However, you could use other sites like the discord or the wix to rate your game.

Thanks anyways guys.

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