Counter not counting for other players

I have a counter with a target of 5, and when I kill five sentries barriers deactivate. But when I’m playing with someone else, the counter breaks when the kill counter is shared with more than one person. It breaks because the barriers don’t deactivate. I checked the scope and it was on global, how do I fix this because the game is supposed to be multiplayer. Also, when I die a knockout manager is supposed to broadcast on a channel to teleport me to a teleporter, but it doesn’t and I go back to the start. It even messes up my other channels where when I die other interactable objects are supposed to reactivate, but they don’t. I really need help with this because I tried to solve it and it doesn’t work. Can anyone identify or help me with my problem?

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I used your guide: How to make a limited number of lives [Difficulty 🟨 or 4/10] so I used lifecycles but it still didn’t teleport me.

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I don’t remember there being a teleporter in my guide, can you please clarify?
(Make sure the Lifecycle is on Player Knocked Out and the overlay shown/hidden scope is on pkayer.)
Is it supposed to teleport you somewhere when you die?
If so, you have to connect the lifecycle to a trigger (1 sec delay) because death doesn’t happen instantly and takes a few milliseconds to finish the respawn animation (0.15ms, in fact)

If it still doesn’t work, email me at so we can debug together.

Well, I used teleporters so I could make the player respawn somewhere else.

Refer to my previous post and read the whole thing:

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Did it work?

Don’t forget to mark a solution if it works @Telephone_Man!

I’ll test it out and tell you if it worked.

Does it work?

Well, I haven’t really tried it. But I’ll create a new post if I have more problems.

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