Respawn not working

This is continuing the discussion from: Counter not counting for other players. The respawn still doesn’t work and when I die the “lives” overlay automatically goes to one life left and still doesn’t teleport me. I don’t know what happened but I still need help.

I have yet to try out the multiplayer problem though.

Can you take a screenshot of your mechanism?

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also shouldn’t this be in the bug sections? @Telephone_Man ?

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It might be an error in what they did.

alright i think i might have an idea but it might require some coding to fix this.

If they can’t resolve this than it could be a bug

sadly i stopped coding for two years so ima need a coder to fix this but who?

What was the code you were planning to do?

LONG IDEA GET READY. so i had an idea for respawn what if we make it to where if we can use a devices that make it to where if died require item to respawn where if he has an item he be forced to respawn but it take him to one life right? so what if we removed the life with a bit of coding and change it to if died require item to respawn he should be given an item of the require lifes he gets but then how does he get the life or item? it shouldn’t be an item that dropable right? so what if we give him a starting inventory item? mess with some blocks rq and make it to where if die keep lifes aka item but what if he want to drop the item he has that are not his lives when he dies? that where coding again comes in.

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so what if he dies he get to keep his item that are his item but the stuff he lost from dying he loses unless he want to keep the stuff he died with which might make it easier.

You don’t need code for that. You can use a lifecycle set to player knocked out then connect it to a vending machine. Connect the vending machine to a team switcher (purchase fails → switch team)

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oh i must of accidentally did some miscaultions

This is it:
When a player dies it runs a block code that checks the gamemode and if it’s 1 or 2 it respawns them. But it’s supposed to respawn them at a teleporter, but it doesn’t. That is my problem.

Also, for my knockout manager I have block code that if a property is a number it broadcasts on a channel to respawn at a different place. But it doesn’t work. I really don’t know what is happening.

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Do you have a lifecycle wired to the K.O. manager?


No. I just have block code in the K.O. manager.

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Try wiring a lifecycle to the K.O. manager, with Game Start. I don’t know if this will help, but why not try?

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Oh yeah, Ok I get what you’re saying. Can you help me with the “Lives” overlay?

Are your overlays hidden on game start?