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Now this post is for ideas on how to copy the value on one counter to another. This would be revolutionary in reducing block usage by enabling non-block addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Also, I’m thinking about adding a research tag so we can find research posts in devices easier. Devices is a graveyard for off topic posts so… What do you think? I’d love to hear opposing viewpoints, but please don’t turn the entire topic into a debate about this.

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I created the research tag so anyone can use it in their topics for future use,


Ok, I found a way to do this. I think it is slightly more effective than blocks, but we’ll see.

For ease of understanding, I mostly used wires.

So here’s what I’ve got: The first button on the left increments the counter. The counter updates the property. The second button runs the checks.

in which the next checker has a comparison value of 1, then 2, and so on. This is the major limitation of this system: You are limited to a certain size number by the checkers.

When a check passes, it transmits on a channel that increments the counter.

The last button resets the second counter.

This takes around 300 memory, but the last button can be integrated into the second button’s system. Also, I know that checkers can have multiple checks. If the ‘Any Check May Pass’ setting transmitted for every check that passed, this would save a lot of memory, and cut the number of checkers needed by 80%. However, my interpretation of this setting is that it is like an OR statement and at least one passes, a single signal is sent.


I don’t really get this system…

What Cassius Doomlorde put

Button Pressed ----> Increase counter
Set property “Copy” | Value = Counter

Button Pressed ----> Run check
If “Copy” > 0
Increment counter
Run check 2
Check 2
If “Copy” > 1
Increment counter
Run check 3

And so on…


The way I see it, it sounds like the best option is simply duplicating the counter. It’s literally the cheapest possible option. I’d be surprised if that was the solution you were going for, though. If not, what ARE you looking for?

edit: if you mean changing the counter from a normally functioning one to one that mirrors another DURING the game, you’d probably need for loops. But we’re never getting for loops. So then it just becomes a question of how many devices you’re willing to place down.

It’s a problem from when I first joined the forums. Search up functions in the search bar, and you’ll see my first few guides… I need to copy the counter values to input the same property into the function and output the same property.

Those guides are trash, but it has the idea of functions in it.

Soooo much better than the ones new users post now…

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Yeah, functions are annoying because they don’t run until the place they were called from finishes resolving. Otherwise they’d be amazing.

More generally, we could sum up this problem to setting a counter to a certain value in general, yeah? Maybe we could use binary counters for this.


oh wow this is interesting. and useful

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It’s done.

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