Counter Code Opening

I made a counter code system.
The top buttons increments a counter, and the bottom buttons decrement a counter.

How do i make it so if the player got the correct code, a barrier opens?

I think that checkers can do that.

You could make it so the counters update a property and the property will add up to the numbers in the code. then make a checker that when the property is correct it will unlock the barrier. you can also make the counter disable when they are the right number (i dont know if this works)

You could deactivate the buttons

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No, doesn’t work.

Oh yeah forgot

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Oh sorry, just trying to come up with ideas

Give The Counters Targets?

What do you mean by that? I’m getting confused.

Why Don’t You Make All The Buttons Deactivated Except The First Set And When The Counter Reaches It’s Target, It Activates The Next Set. When The Last Set Is Done, It Deactivates The Barrier. I Don’t Know If It Works.

It works, but i want to try to find a different way, like if you put on the correct code and press the “Review Code” Button, then the barrier will open, but if you put a wrong code and press the “Review Code” Button, then it’ll send a notification saying the code is incorrect.

I Don’t Think I Can Do That. Maybe Ask GimSolver Or Haisai.

Like this?

You can make all the counter’s target 1, than put down another counter, make the target 4, and connect all the other counters to this one. Then when target reached, deactivate barrier.


You can also make all the buttons that are wrong reset the main counter.

Link each row of 2 counters (vertically) to a property.
I’ll be using “Input 1” for my property, “Input 2" and so on.
Once you have linked each row of counters, place another button/trigger.
This is the “Input Code” button.
Make the Checker check for 4 properties and put all your counter-linked properties in it.
Make sure the check is ‘equal to.’
Change the checker’s condition to “All Checks Must Pass.”
Finally, wire the Button/Trigger to the Checker.

(Button) Button Pressed --> (Checker) Run Check

Then, wire the Checker to whatever event you want to occur when the player gets the correct code.

Btw, this is just an add-on to your current system and you don’t need to delete anything.