Could we make a gimkit tag AI?

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Are you A.I?

Yes, @discobot is AI

I guess you could probably work something out with this, but I think a better solution exists. Something along the lines of using the player position detector device to find where all the players are, then plug the cords into a simple bot (probably not a neural network, I think a simple programmed bot will do).

Josh has said he wants to do this, but the project can’t rely on using functionality not yet added to gimkit. A solution would have to be made by us, not Josh.

Discobot is a simple command based bot, and is not AI. Please stop using here, as it’s clogging up the post and stopping OP from getting the help he needs.

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Thanks for explaining.


What do you mean by what?

Ive been currently trying to make a gimkit ai to beat don’t look down using brilliant and a rewarding ai method

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An AI would be excessive, but it will be fun to make. I was thinking something along the lines of getting the players movement, comparing that to a grid, seeing which of 4 rays is closest, and rewarding the AI if it can face the player. Then it moves, and gets rewarded if it gets closer to the player. This could also be changed to be an AI that runs from the player, by rewarding it to face away from the player and to get as far as possiable from it.

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I was also thinking of implementing a pattern detection system so that if you were, for example, going in circles around the AI, it could detect that and then move to try to intercept you. Like it predicts where you are going to walk.

I think I accidentally already made a guide to tag bots.

It’s not really AI but it’s a smart algorithm.

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before we make something like that, maybe we could try and make a tic-tac-toe computer

tic-tac-toe is a lot like tag on the surface


I think that a tic-tac-toe AI would take much longer to make and to teach than a tag AI because for the tic-tac-toe on you would have to train it for every possiable game combination. It’s possible, but would take much longer.


I’m now on the difficult part. Does anyone know how to make backpropagation in block code?

i could try. what coding language do you prefer