Could we make a gimkit tag AI?

I had this big idea to quit 3d rendering for a while, and to start on a narrow AI for a tag game. I think it could be possiable, and then would open the door to tons of other types of narrow AI. AI chatbots have been talked about before, but I belive that it’s possiable to make an AI for tag because of simplicity. I have some ideas that involve rays. Does anybody have any sugestions for me?


yeah, tell us your general idea.

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Tell us more info and maybe we can see.

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This sounds like a fun idea, but what do you want the AI to do? Chase the players?

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you’d have to get all the coordinates where there is a wall.

If the bot (should be a prop to not use up memory) is chasing the players, we don’t need ai to do it. There’s algorithms for this already so AI would be too overcomplicated for this.

Sentries use A.I

Yes, but that isn’t helpful in the process of trying to make our own ai.

The sentries could somehow break props in a way that controlled a complex set of blocks.

Or the sentry could walk around and follow people

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Maybe Josh could make a device that you can put up to a sentry and could make it run around?

That would be cool.

I wish sentries could talk to players similar to a chat bot.

Too bad @discobot isn’t in gimkit?

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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

Yeah, It would be cool if they programmed in an in game bot.

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