Could someone help me get a melee weapon to work?

please help I’m a 5th grader


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If you’re talking about custom weapons, no, it’s impossible, you could use the preset weapons, though.

If you want custom weapons, you can also suggest that here:

Melee weapons aren’t in GKC, but you could Use a system of 0 damage lasers to simulate the close range.

Laser manager kinda is way more op than anyone gave it credit for.


Does it have blocks?

No, but it lets a laser have something no other device gets.

Two different ways to activate and deactivate a laser with channels.


Have what?

You can do that with a trigger wired to your device.

Well, lasers now get 2+ any other device with no wire cost!


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It is possible! I don’t know how but @Here_to_help does

Well, you could do it with a Damage Modifier device…

@Here_to_help said: Easy. Set tag zone to don’t auto respawn. Have a health property. When tagged, set property to health - 20. If >= 0, broadcast respawn. Set health to (normal health). A force respawn detects the channel

But they could explain it more

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