Cool Things To Put On TVs

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First Thing You Need is a TV
You Need is 2 of these :night_with_stars:
And 1 Of these :person_red_hair:t2:
then you need a barrier and text
Screenshot 2024-03-01 7.37.56 AM

Zombie Movie

You Need One of these :new_moon:
And two of these :woman_zombie:
but i use :woman_zombie: and :man_zombie:
Screenshot 2024-03-01 9.00.19 AM

thats all i have for now!


this is a small guide, i would recommend adding more ways to decorate your TV so people don’t flag your guide.


Is this a wip KlingKart?

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Cool! I might use one on my dungeon crawler map!

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Nice, i realy like the first one!


This is really cool! I love adding small details to my maps, so I might try some of these.

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sniff Cool guide.

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It’s very small, but i will add more!

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sniff? why sniff???

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Don’t ask… @VWOOM was once a poet now then a kid to a dictator, then an experiment…


No it’s Poet–>Dictator–>Kid–>Experiment.


this is a work in progress

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Under Water

1 TV
1 Barrier
A Bunch of fish and bubble emojis
Screenshot 2024-03-06 9.57.25 AM


This is an amazing guide!
I love it! :pray: :heart:

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Ditto what @California_Love said

:wolf: LONEWOLF0230 APPROVED :wolf:

(@California_Love , y did u put a TM mark on yours?)

Nice designs! I also like to make video games like Pac-Man or Mario on mine :slight_smile:

For @California_Love's eyes only, keep out you nosey Gims

I have 2 questions about the NCRA

  1. How many members are there currently?
  2. Can I j0in? :slight_smile:

It’s trademarked.

Like actually, or is it a joke

To @EGGacha
  1. There are only two members, me and @WolfTechnology.
  2. Yes, you can be admitted. You can get promoted to higher levels the more I see you contribute to the forums. It’s a quiet one, though. Read for more info in my bio.

Yes, both. It is trademarked here.