Cool Things To Put On TVs

They need to bring back PM's for stuff like this

Epic, thanks. I see you around the forums so much and you seem really cool :smiley: It’s ok that it’s small rn, less drama and chaos.

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WOW impressive (did not think a person would actually trademark a gimkit thing. Cool)

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Alright, I’ll add you. You’re at the beginner’s city level right now.
I could promote you soon. It depends. :rofl:

Dang lowest stage in a group of 3 people :pensive: /j

Cal, (yes I looked at yr bio) can I j0in 2? plz

Sure, @The_7th_Dragon has a trademark here, so I figured why not?
@EGGacha it’s not the lowest. It’s the starting level. :rofl:
Also, let’s remain on-topic.


Not yet. I don’t think you’re qualified. I’ll see.
Do a little more and I’ll consider adding you.

what do I have to do to be considered “qualified”

That’s up to me.
In the meantime, I’ll see! Let’s get back on topic now.

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they won’t because they are to hard to track and manage. So to prevent issues they aren’t a thing.


Yes, the very first member is here.
I added you @EGGacha. Look up your city for information.
Anyways, yeah, seriously I’m getting back on topic.


This is an imaginative guide and it’s cute and useful in houses, good job!

California Love

wut did I trademark??? the burmp?

Oops! Yes, you did, trademark that.

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