Cool side things to add to your map! (Water Edition)

Couple cool things that can be added to your map! (Water Edition)

Welcome to the wiki where you can add your cool side water details such as ponds, lagoons, water fountains, and more! When making your water detail on here, be sure you only edit your own and not anyone else’s and make the water things… appropriate… ya…

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Water Things Here!

Side Fountain

First, if you wanted to have water in the middle of nowhere, then you can consider adding these! You first need a table with hole in the middle and then you place water in there to give the vibe like this:
Screenshot 2024-06-07 2.53.24 AM
Then, to give it more spice, you add the dungeon around it like a sort of circle, then depending on what place you are in, you can make it sorta look like these:
Screenshot 2024-06-07 2.57.58 AM
Screenshot 2024-06-07 2.59.51 AM


First you need to get your rocks and place them in 2 lines (Disabled Shadow) like so:

then, you need a place your water in a certain direction almost like this:

Then you need bushes, but you need to tint the bush color to a sort of color like this:
Screenshot 2024-06-07 3.07.49 AM
Place them all to look similar to this:

And last but not least, add the cool finishing details like this and you are done:

Water in platformer guide

(How to Make water in platformer)

Fountain #2

First, add a square-shaped patch of water.

Next, surround the water with stone barriers.

After that, add an anvil and copy it. Flip one of the copies and place them in the center of the fountain. Then add a ceramic plate (Tinted 128:128:128) on top of both of them.

Finally, add an item image device and select a gray fish as the item to display. Rotate the image so the fish points directly upward and place it on top of the plate.

Extra - water arches

Add another item image, select water as the displayed item, and copy it multiple times, arranging them into an arch.






Looks awesome! Could you make it a wiki so others can add to it?

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Okay! I will fix a few things, and make it more like a wiki for ya guys
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This is cool, but not really necessary nor helpful.
There’s already a cool things to add to your map TUG wiki, so you could just add stuff to that in a separate category.
Did you make this just to make a wiki that blows up with likes and replies, or did you make it to be helpful?
Think before you post.

I made it to be helpful… I don’t like the people who are show-offs and want to be seen as *the coolest person on the forums because they made ONE wiki that lags and blows up notifications because of it. I want my own little unique post to be something that people can show what type of water things that they can add. Not trying to be someone known for one wiki that people want to do everything on and then it gets flagged or closed. And before I post stuff I do think.


Then, in the future, don’t make posts that aren’t really necessary when you can just add the stuff to the og cool things to add to your map topic.
Thank you!

Just to be clear, I do like this guide, it’s just not the most necessary. It’s cool though.


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and make sure to layer the terrain so it looks less blocky : )

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I have a bunch of water stuff[1]
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I made a guide of how to make water in platformer could I add that?