Cooking catastrophe

I need help making a game where you have to cook food and then serve it for money.Once you have money you can upgrade your shop to make it look different

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What mechanics do you need help with?
You could use spaceship crates and a frying pan above them for food.

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You can use fish, bait, and fruit as the food and sentries spawn and despawn as the customers, and money after trading with them. And then the new fruit boxed to give you the items, vending machines under them.

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cooking and if you walk up to a sentry there is a button that you click that is invisible you get money and you lose the food. Upgrading to make your shop look different, and requests.

You could use randomizers (for the menu) and item granters.
Maybe some zones for item decay.

I don’t know how to do half of what your talking about.

1: Little Menus

Lots of Menus:

3: Zone with item decay on.

I’ve got company over so could someone build for me please. No rush and you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to waste your time with it. gmail me at

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You mean similar mechanics to Blooket’s cafe game mode? I think to make that you would need to a lot a specific time that customers can be served, a cash goal for the round, and a tracker that tracks how many customers left. For example, if you wanted to end the game when you have 5 unhappy customers then you would use a property or something like that. (Personally I would put 1 unhappy customer to make sure that the “customer experience” is high quality.) Thank you for reading my paragraph. GKC makes me write more than my English teacher makes me.


I would suggest that you create some properties for the different food options. What are you trying to make; a cooking mama style game or a cooking fever style game?

For a frying pan you could use stuff from this post

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What else do you need help with?