Concatenation Without Blocks

Concatenation is synonymous with blocks. Or is it? This guide aims to make concatenation without ANY blocks.

This just compares counters and uses activation/deactivation states. It’ll also use a general for loop (guide coming out on that soon) to check if each is the one we want.

The Guide

First, get your counter (target 0) that you want to concatenate on (copied over from the real counter). Next, place the trigger that receives on the concatenated channel. Make it receive on “finishedConcatenated” instead. Now, place another counter (I’ll call it the receiving counter). Make the concatenating counter broadcast on “concatenated” when it reaches the target. Now, make a trigger that decreases the concatenating counter (try saying that five times fast) and also decreases the receiving counter. This trigger should trigger itself. If the counters are expected be over 299, add a delay of .015s.

Make the concatenating counter deactivate the trigger. Make another trigger with a delay of .015s activate the other trigger (channel name “finishedConcatenated”). The new trigger receives on “concatenated”. Make the recursing trigger deactivate the receiving trigger. The receiving counter activates the receiving trigger.

And you’re done!

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now i just need to calculate the amount of memory to see if this is more memory-efficient!

Have you finished calculating it yet?

a counter is 25 memory, and a trigger is 40. i counted 3 counters and one trigger, so in total, it’s 115 memory

so this method of concatenation can save you 385 memory

Counters are 15 memory…


well then

im stupid correct lol
(see reply after me)

@eiqcrmeliutgwhc you’re right lmao

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Place a second one down.

lol yeah see edit

but 15 memory would’ve been sooooooo memory efficient tho

edit: this is getting confusing

Still is 25 memori.

Nice guide! Could you please add pictures? Especially in guides like these with multiple of the same device, pictures are important. However, this is really cool and can save hundreds of memory if all I’m trying to do is broadcast on the concat of a channel.

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Sooo what exactly is concatenation?

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Look at the first link in there.

For some reason I didn’t even see that, sorry…

This will help me so much… @getrithekd you’re the best. But you might want to add screenshots, like what ClicClac said.

nice guide :0

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Yeah I’ll add screenshots, clicclac and wingwave.

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