Compressing strings

I have a really, really long string of text that can’t fit in properties, even if I use all 128 properties with 256 max text length. Does anyone know if there is a method to compress this text? This text is just alphabetic with a period separating every five letters.

P.S. text properties have a max length of 256, while the text I use is 70k characters long (after my attempt at compressing it).

I’m sorry but, that is not possible.

The string doesn’t have to be compressed within Gimkit, all I’m looking for is a way to encode the string so that it is shorter and able to fit. Because I only use 26 letters, I am using base 27, so something like base 64 might work, although I already tried and it isn’t short enough.

Does anyone know a method to shorten the string even more?


I don’t think anything will work.

I don’t understand, what exactly are you trying to do?

I’m sure there’s a way. I don’t really have enough experience in this area, as I mostly work with art and devices other than properties, but I doubt that there isn’t a way to do it.

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Number properties store 5-7 characters at most. You might want to try using PCPs or PTPs.


Getting More Than 128 Properties (Pseudo-Properties)
Pseudo Trigger Properties

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It doesn’t quite fit in the text properties either. Also, it’s manual data I have to enter (basically it’s a dictionary).

you could go like half way into the text and press enter

Then use either PCPs, PIPs, or PTPs. Anything that can receive a signal, store a state, and broadcast according to that state can be used as a pseudo property.

They don’t work, as I need to use the “Find location of” block. Also, to give a reference, my entire text is over 14k characters long.

You’ll need a free property. Load the text into that property and then use that block. Use this to help you:

My point is that I can’t fit this text into the properties, even if I use all 128.

Never mind, this text has 70k characters (after my attempt at compressing it).

I mean that you only look at a portion of it at a time and keep the rest in pseudo properties.

There isn’t enough space?

All I’m asking for is a way to compress text, or fit it within gimkit if possible. It would take too long to convert all that 70k characters into counters. (I just realized that is 2x as long as my menu guide that reached max characters-)

Ok. You already stated that properties can’t store it, so you’ll have to delve into device shenanigans. I don’t know what else there is that you can do, unless there is a get text block in text (I don’t think there is).

Use the create text with block to combine multiple texts into one text, btw blocks text limit is 512 characters long, so you’ll be able to fit ~10,000 text with one block using the create text method.
(properties can store nearly a limitless amount with the set property function)

This is something I need to input manually (as it will take forever to put all that text if I don’t copy and paste it and I chunk it up). When I tried to enter text into the properties, it had a limit of 256, but using the set property function can store more? I think I might be able to try (though it still will be a pain to cut it apart into a billion pieces).

Yeah, it’s weird, but make sure the property isn’t TOO long or else it would put too much load on the servers. (I did some witchcraft in trying to make a prototype text cloner/deleter < the thing that the new update made convenient)