Getting More Than 128 Properties (Pseudo-Properties)

Properties are amazing! Literally no advanced guide that I have made does not use it! However, they have limits. This guide will teach you how to breach the limit.

Credits of @mysz, @Blackhole927, and @ClicClac for helping discover this.


There are 3 ways to change properties. One is blocks, which doesn’t matter. One is an inventory item manager (IIMs), and the other is a counter. What happens when we connect multiple IIMs to a single property? We get pseudo-properties. If we have multiple counters, then we can get multiple properties tied to one property device by having each counter edit the same property! This is the same with IIMs! So, to get the specific pseudo-property, we edit the counter we want. To get the item properties, add an item and then subtract an item.

Counter properties are called PCPs, for pseudo-counter-properties, and item properties are called PIPs, for pseudo-item-properties. Also, PCPs should always be better that PIPs, so use your counter slots first, and then use your item slots!

You can place 512 counters down, so I recommend that you always use counters.


Nice guide!

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Can you tell me more about what you don’t understand?

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Nice guide! I’ll keep this in my back pocket.


You made this while you were making another guide? not to be rude, but wow.

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I found another application for PCPs! In my weapon upgrading system, I cut down from using 4 properties to using 1. So I had a property for a weapon level, and a counters for each individual weapon! When the player buys or upgrades the weapon, the counter increases and updates the weapon level property!

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So right now I’m trying to create a property called CityXp and it is supposed to be updated by a counter. I want it to be when you finish building a thing that you get +100 CityXp, but I can’t reliably update the counter. Is there a way to fix this or should I just use an IIM in this case? @here

Is the property always a multiple of 100?

Yes for that particular example it always adds 100.

Go to counter shenanigans and look at counter arrays. Use the counter scaling thing.

Could you send me the link?

Just search it up lol.

Here is what I’m talking about. I have a solution, but I wonder if there’s a more memory efficient or block efficient way.