Complicated "Golden apple"

so this gold seed gives status effects when used but they don’t disappear when you get knocked they disappear when anybody gets knocked.

can you explain what’s going on?

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Do you want the golden seed to stay on the ground when they get knocked out or get taken away? @zaeren_64

sorry I took so long the seed when consumed gives speed and strength and I want the effects to go away after the player dies.

cool use a lifecycle for when player knocked out
and then wire it the effect to shut it off

this is what I have doesn’t work

ok great one sec let me test that

it did not work is there anything I should remove?

you need to to connect the blocks

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also get property doesn’t work on it’s own you have t give it an actual property
your also missing a math block

IDK what I am doing with the block code

I use scratch but not this so its a bit new

you have at least 3 errors there buddy

lol woops
a screen shot would help

I suggest just replacing it with a lifecycle

did that did not work

life cycle and then wire it to the effect to make it stop

Use speed modifier and damage modifier/booster devices to replicate the effects. The post @Foxy made above is a good way to cancel the effects out. How do you want the player to “use” the ability? Is it via an overlay, a button, a trigger, a zone, or a vending machine?