Class help [filler[

so im making a ctf game with classes and other stuff and I have a tank class

I want have the tank have x1.5 max health

is there a way 2 do this

you can use pseudo-health?

Make the max health whatever the tank is. Then, use the damager device to make everything else the proportion of the health.

yeah these both work, but i have passive healing and gadgets.

With the damager device, this is possible and easier. You no longer need pseudo health for this!

oh yeah I’m dummy

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I don’t think there is a way, unless… I think that you could just apply shield instead of health. Make base health x and then add shield 0.5 times x. Add that shield through a health Granter. But only activate it once you select the tank class. And use different health Granters for the passive healing. Edit after the last edit: sorry kosm0-o. Me reading your bio to find you don’t like being pinged. Apologies.

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wut. you’re asking for my help???
anyways, I think that would work…

nah. i’m fine being pinged for the right reasons!
there was this one incident where I got pinged 3x2 times because someone didn’t know how to use a device after several people, including myself, gave the user an answer. and I got salty about it after that.

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:skull: welp. That’s the internet once they like you or need you lol. To be back on topic, is there any easier way that comes to mind for this problem?

wait, is max health and base health the same? dxctype

Ok, so make the base health of your normal person have health, and have the extra health be the shield. That way, you can have passive healing without having it go over health.


Hmm, maybe have the shield bar exclusive to the Tank?
Ex: If there is 100 HP as default, when the button for the class is pressed, grant 50 shield, have no shield on game start through map options.

That’s what WhoAmI and I have said.

i should READ the replies before i reply.

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