Christmas is here

I need help with my Christmas game, I need ideas. Other than a christmas tree.

A game where you have to drop off presents at people’s houses without getting caught

christmas has some stuff

A christmas battle-royale.
Add exploding presents and give it a Snow Brawl.
Add Kill and Tag Streaks

Name Idea:
Snow-tastic Showdown

taken from my name idea map called spacetastic showdown but not yet published

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I was thinking like Santa’s workshop kind of game where you make toys.

so, kinda like a cafe blook*t gamemode?


Sort of but you make toys.

presents, santa sliegh, elfs, and the game can be on make presents and add them to the sliegh.

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My idea is, there’s an evil Santa clause ruining Christmas. It’s your job to stop him! By doing quest from your elves or the kids around town, it can be a somewhat open world rpg game. There could be a epic boss fight at the end where it can randomize from lasers as candy canes being thrown at you, or broken ornaments that damage you if you step on them.

That’s a bit to much. I am trying to make a game where you make toys.

alright. an idea might be that you have a toy in front of you, and you have to choose the correct props to make it. it can be a tycoon game with upgrades and elves, which give passive money, and you can then make more money by dropping it off at houses.

That works. That is actually pretty good.

alright, have fun building! some more ideas,
show the money you have
evil Santa robbing your toy factory, and you need to defend from his evil elves
and you can buy lasers to protect your factory from him

(I just only now found this and it seems kind of late to the discussion)

Thank you for censoring Blook*t. What’s next, Kah**t?


Quizl*t is probably next then.

that is the blook*t Christmas game mode

I agree, lol, but sometimes I use it. GIMKIT on top always.

Quiz games, tiered:

S-tier: Gimkit, Blook* t
A-tier: Kah** t
D-Tier: Quizl* t, Qui*** z


Try this: