Chests that you can store stuff in

Hi, I need help puting stuff in a chest that you can store and take stuff out of… for a surival island I’m making with @ShadowWolfGamerYT
ex: you mine and then you take the shards and put it in the chest then after you get some wood you also store it in the chest, is this possible?

thanks guys

Item granters hooked up to a crate prop and a invisible button or something there’s probably a guide on it

you can use a vault prop and when you press a button it hides the prop
if you want to make it a team chest make the button and prop you are using for your chest team scoped
lifecycle > relay (team you want to be able to view chest and button)
relay > button and prop

thanks, but I want the player to be able to choose what item he/she wants to take from the chest.

read my post. you can be able to take items from inside the chest.

I’m confused I thought the invisible button concept allowed you to “loot” the chest not store things in side of them.
if I’m being dum i’m sorry

Here, try reading this guide:

you can store loot in it and also take away from it

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