Checker checking properties passes when it shouldn't

demonstration: creative/publish-link/U2FsdGVkX1%2BAiZhBbO7wcRAFsJ1yLxCvpDMgYZanJmBAypg4iW2cQnjybJFp%2FPgRkL%2Fm0Cic36lWUvVS6xg10ZBwhj49zVGV7GwC6a1g1a8%3D
minimum reproducible example:

create property device

  • property name: test_1
  • property default value: 0

create a button

create a checker

  • check type: Value Of Property
  • property: test_1
  • comparison: Equal To
  • value: 1

create a popup

  • header text: “bug”

connect button → checker with wire

connect checker → popup with wire

start game

press button

bug: popup opens


That is odd. I assume that sending a signal to a pop-up device will open the pop-up regardless of what the signal is (there doesn’t seem to be any specific compatibility with checking devices - other than the usual, of course), but the problem is that it shouldn’t be receiving a signal in the first place. I’ve tried at least three different ways of making it work, and all of them seem to have that error - regardless of the output from the checking device, the ‘passed’ transmission is sent every time. You should be able to use blocks to manually check the value of the property, but it still does seem like a bug - good find!



Yeah, I’m having the same issue. I have a counter setting a property (called LeftCounter). I then have a Checker that is checking to see that the counter value is set to 4. I then have a button that runs the Checker. If the checker passes it should deactivate a laser, however, it is passing the check everytime whether or not the value is set to 4.

I know I could have the Counter have a target number but I want to use the counter to unlock three separate lasers depending on the value.

So am I right that this is a bug?

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And actually I’m running into the same issue with Trigger’s and blocks.
Here’s my blocks:

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this is also a problem for me- I cant make bedwars because of it

I’ve been having this bug and it is seriously ticking me off. I wasted 2 days trying to debug my setup, only to realize the checker was the problem.

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i also have run into this bug and it is stopping the last thing i need for my game

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I recommend not using checkers though - checkers are very buggy.

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@here It’s over



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@ClicClac You win. There’s nothing wrong with checkers anymore.

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YES! How many things can we do now that that has been fixed?

Wait have any bugs came from the if either ALL the checks have to pass, or if only ONE of the checks have to pass



Man, they have made some great process. Please mark a solution.

The bug only happens(and still happens) if all checks need to pass. however, if you set it to only one has to pass it always fails.