Charm Situation Hollow Knight

So I loooooove Hollow Knight. So the next logical step is incorporating it into Gimkit. But, I cannot put all 40 charms into Hollow Knight. Why? Because, one it is waaaaaaay too many, and two some are gimpossible to make. So. The two things I need are these:

  1. Vote for which charms to go in my game
  2. See if there are anyway to code in the “No” Charms


Charms already In Game

Wayward Compass - Whispers the bearer’s location whenever a map is open
Soul Catcher - Used by shamans to draw more soul from the world around them. Increases the amount of soul gained when striking an ene-my with the nail.
Dashmaster - Bears the likeness of a eccentric bug known only as “The Dashmaster”. The bearer will be able to dash more often as well as dash downwards.
Shaman Stone - Said to contain the knowledge of past generations of shaman. Increases power of spells, dealing more damage to foes.
Lifeblood Heart - After resting at a bench you gain 2 lifeblood
Fury of the Fallen - Embodies the fury and heroism that comes upon those who are about to d-ie.
Baldur Shell - Spawn a protective shell around the door
Flukenest - Turns your Vengeful Soul into a group of Flukefey
Kings Soul - Generates 4 soul every 2 seconds
Voidheart - Upgrade to Kingsoul. Makes all Abysall creatures passive and keep Kingsoul ability

Vote for Charms

Which charms should I include?
  • Sprintmaster - Moves faster
  • Thorns of Agony - After taking damage you deal damage from thorns
  • Deep Focus - Takes longer to heal but, you heal two health
  • Nailmaster’s Glory - Charge up nail arts faster
  • Lifeblood Core - Have extra two lifeblood after resting
  • Fragile Greed - Get 33% more cash when k-illing an enemt
  • Fragile Strength - Get a 2x damage buff
  • Grimmchild - Spawns a Grimmchild to assist you
  • Spell Twister - Decreases the cost of soul abilities
  • Grubsong - Gain soul when you take damage
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No (These charms I can’t figure out how to make)

Gathering Swarm (N/A because in mine cash goes straight to your inventory)
Long Nail - Makes your nail 1.5x longer
Mark of Pride - Makes your nail 2x longer
Defender’s Crest - You are surrounded by a fog that does damage to enemies
Stalwart Shell - After you get hit you have immunity for longer
Heavy Bl0w - (N/A because sentries don’t move)
Steady Body - When swinging your nail, you are pushed backwards
:white_check_mark: Dream Wielder - Increases the amount of soul gained when striking an en-emy (SEE POST 2)
Spore Shroom - After healing releases a cloud of damaging spores
:white_check_mark: Glowing Womb - Create mini “Knightlings” to help you. (SEE POST 12)
Quick Slash - Slash quicker :scream:
:white_check_mark: Shape of Unn - Allows you to move while healing (SEE POST 16)
Weaversong - Spawns little spiders to help you
:white_check_mark: Sharp Shadow - Does damage to enemies when you shade dash through them. (SEE POST 3)

Final Charm List:

Thanks for your support guys! I’m just setting @SR-71Blackbird as the solution because he responded to post first!

Dream Wielder
Glowing Womb
Shape of Unn
Sharp Shadow
Fragile Strength
Thorns of Agony
Fragile Greed
Lifeblood Core
Deep Focus
Wayward Compass
Soul Catcher
Shaman Stone
Lifeblood Heart
Fury of the Fallen
Baldur Shell


I think gimchild might be kinda impossible saddly


If you’re willing to take the time to make one, a coordinate system could do this.

How are you granting the soul?

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Defender’s crest might be possible using pseudo health like the fog/storm guides. (PLus the coordinate system that clicclac suggested.
And Sharp Shadow could also use a coordinate system that activates when you press the button for shade dash while you have the ability.

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what are you using for the nail

maybe he could use a zapper because the zapper rarity effects its range

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for the glowing womb you can use the knight armor in props and put a sentry to your liking under it

Can you send me a link to one?

I’m still working on this system. For changing the amount there will be a Property called Soul Multiplier and based on which charms/abilities you have your Soul Markiplier will change. When it grants soul it will run it through the multiplier.

@jelloboss The problem with this is that the knightlings follow you around and there are 4 of them

See if this works.

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I’m either going to wait until the pickaxe comes out (if it does) or use a zapper like how SR-71Blackbird

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what if you just click a button to where you can sommon them any time like before o boss fight it would let you soummon the (btw there is a link in my bio that will help )

I am open to test anything on my testing map, just ping me

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If my map was really big this would be harder right?
Because of the zone limit?

Hmmmmm. That might work.


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Shape of Unn is possible, just have the overlay turn on a repeater linked to a health granter and then turn it off once not enough soul (u need a checker, and when repeater runs task check if amount of soul is met, if so item granter with negative that amount, then to a health granter (or if its heal over time repeater to health granter)

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Yes. The bigger the map, the worse making a coordinate system gets.


this sould be easy just make it to where when you buy the item channel it to where sentry drop more of the item you are using (I will rickrole you again)

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tell me if this work also what are you using for the soul situation