@cellofive help for wixsite pending

@cellofive pls approve me

I think my username is DinoDogg128 or smth like that

This is off-topic but Ill let you into wix. Give me a moment.

I’ll help you. but this is off-topic and maybe you shouldn’t post this kinda stuff
magenta beat me to it

tysm! That means a lot,

There is no user with your username. Did you make an account? We don’t have to approve accounts.

Hang on, its being really glitchy, Try EmberWolf?

matthansen58 i think

Yes it is matthansen58

@Magenta_Dragon I checked it

Ok I found an account with that username. Request to j0in a group and I’ll let you in.

I did, code share group

TYSM! It worked! Iwont be alone anymore!

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I let you in. Now please mark a solution to close this topic as this is off-topic.

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