Cash multiplier like farmchain

I am making a farmchain game and wanted to add the cash berry shop where you earn a certain amount of cash per upgrade. Any ideas or guides?

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Can you explain further? The regular food or the cash berry itself? If the cash berry, how does that work?

(i haven’t played farmchain enough)


a vending machine that costs 1 cash berrys to give the next time you sell something (like wheat) it gives you 2x or 1.5x the money instead of the regular

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hang on i’ll see what i can cook up

um… that’s them


sorry this was you, i’m dumb lol

it was my question, but no one was helping me find the answer (i did try them, it didn’t work)

ok, sorry i didn’t look at who asked the question. lol

can u start cooking im hungry (the guide btw)

sure have at

one question do you just want one crop or mutable?

mutable croaps on one plot

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this might be hard, but i’ll give it my all

code blocks aint got nuthing on me🔥 (just the lottery ticket random money count, no worries or mix ups)

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Heres what I got. Make a property, money.

Link it to an inventory item manager, with cash.

Then just make it cash x1.5 next time or sumthing

guide plz plz plz plz plz (wit pics and make sure it works cuz im a bit lazy🥱)

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so i cooked up something with abunch of vending mashians but it only worked with one item

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alr ima cook the most spicyest chicken soup u tasted

Get the crafting table (turn it into a farm plot)
Then make a thing that goes with it like a farming recipe to anything you want. for the sell station you need this guide



May '23

TLDR: Connect a button with a wire to a wire repeater. then connect that wire repeater to a vending machine that sells what item you want with the “attempt purchase” using a wire. then connect with a wire the vending machine to the wire repeater with “item purchased”. This can be repeated
or How to make a Selling System like Fishtopia in Gimkit Creative!| Gimkit Tutorial 3 - YouTube (I deleted the video file :tired_face:)

Bold = keywords
Italics = optional

Okay, so first place down a button . you can add a layer of wire repeaters to increase the number of items from 7 to 42, to 1764, etc. then place down a wire repeater and a vending machine . set your required item to the one you want to sell, then set the required item amount to "1 ". connect the wire repeater with a wire to the vending machine and set it to "attempt to purchase ", then with a wire connect the vending machine to the wire repeater with "item purchased ". This can be repeated as much as you want. after you place all your selling bits and bobs you can increase the interact range of the button , and place a table over it (make sure the button range is at least 5 blocks and is not visible in game ).

then after making the sell station you are going to need to make a shop with vending machines that cost with the cash berrys and thats what i am talking abt

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did you just answere you own question?

okay im back, but no i didn’t. i was showing you the basics i added into the game. i am looking for the cash berry shop guide :sneezing_face:

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