Capture the Flag score bug

Whenever I capture the flag, the score goes up by 350. How do I make it go up by one?

what system are you using?

The settings of the flag

Like what type of computer?

hes talking about the score

Is that what you mean?

no like what your using to make the score go up

Oh ok. I haven’t used flags in a while.

Oh in that case a counter and a property’s device wired together

can you send a screen shot of what your property settings are?

sure one second

did you use this guide? How to make scores in Capture the Flag 🟩

yes I have looked at it a lot and used it

hm can i see your counter settings?

change this from help to bug cause me no know

you could get rid of the whole property idea, and just base the score on an item, like cash. then wire a item granter to a flag so
when captured → grant item

do you have multiple channels and wires going in

or a relay that sets more then 1 player?

yes I do, does that affect it?