Can you stack overlays?

I saw this one guide and it said you can stack overlays but I’m pretty sure you can’t
and by stacking overlays I mean to put like two different overlays in the same area

You can’t.

I haven’t tested it but I think you can…
At least it works when the health bar overlay and an in game overlay is showing…

Yes, but also no. (Classic meme I know)

no, you can’t, I tried it.

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Oh wait sorry I thought he mean’t layers.

Wat? I thought nothing was impossible…


Ok, maybe it’s NOT impossible, lol

But I don’t know how to do it, and it didn’t work out when I tried.

No need to post this, Its not possible.


@leahciM , mark a solution.

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that’s not the gist. NOTHING is impossible. so instead say, “you can’t do that currently but maybe later on”

don’t want to start anything, however @leahciM asked if it is possible. It’s not.

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yeah mark a solution please.
Gimkit_kid I think you meant to add yet

Sorry! @Kosm0-o I don’t mean to be a party po0per.
It’s not possible yet
@leahciM Please mark a solution

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Yeah thanks guys uh I was offline for a bit

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Sorry, but this is actually impossible in the version of GKC we have now. Also, I don’t think the devs will change it anytime soon, as accessibility is a thing they have to account for.

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okie dokie

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