Can You Make Cloud Variables in Creative?

For my game, I want to make a thing that has a global record applied to everyone who plays my map, which is why I am asking.

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I don’t think so.

Might have to ask someone else though to confirm.

Like if some person is on the leaderboard for most cash I guess, it can’t update for everyone playing.

Yeah, here to help says there are no cloud variables

Here_to_help addressed this.

you could ask josh on (gimkit feedback) to add cloud variables

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I asked this question before and yeah it’s not a thing rn. If anything it would probably be a global property.

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They mean a scoring system based on the amount of cash the player has, then checking who has the highest score globally.

global as in any server, same map. it is applicable and it stays even on game end

It’s like a world highscore, like on some scratch games.

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I believe that’s what @PandaKai7 means.

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I’m not sure there’s way to do that, @ClicClac might know.

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Can’t you just use a property instead?

but that doesn’t apply worldwide

Gimkit doesn’t support cloud variables like scratch does.


I might have an idea. Whenever someone plays, it checks to see if they beat the high score, and if so, adds that to the save code. But that would only work for one person, not many.

but how would you get the high score? you would need to ask people who have played your game.

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I don’t know. It’s a step in the right direction, though.

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that’s what I was going to use and yeah. one of the closest things you can get.

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Using the save file system might work in this case…