Can you make a sentry on your team?

Hello! I’m fairly new here, and I’m working on this Hide and Seek map that eventually becomes an Adventure Fantasy type game. Is there anyway to make a sentry that wouldn’t attack you?


Click it and put it on your team

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Yes! There is an option in sentries that allows you to set the team of the sentry! I’m on mobile, so I can’t get a screenshot, but it should be there!

Note that the sentry will only attack members who are not on the team you selected.

Hope this helps!

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I tried doing that, but the seeker and hider are on different teams, so the sentry will attack one player, but not other…

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Are you wanting it so the sentry just doesn’t attack players at all?

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Do you want it to attack no one?

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So you want the sentry to attack both players? If yes then put it on Team Sentry.

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Yeah, i want it to attack no one

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Zone, nothing is impossible. Never forget it.

You can place down a 2x2 area of wall tiles, and put the sentry in them.

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Thank you for the answers!! :smiley:


You could either use a barrier or a zone to make sure that the bullets can’t hurt anyone. There is a setting for this.

By the way, welcome to the forums!

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Tacking onto that, hello! I’m @ClicClac, the Luigi of Gimkit. If you need help, just ask!

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