Can you make a death effect with a coordinate system?

what the title said…

Like what exactly are you thinking

like using a coordinate system to play an animation

That would be pretty hard, unless you used text operations with a popup.

Like when you move to a certain area, it plays an animation???

I don’t think there is a coordinate system yet, but you could use zones!

not to be rude but can you show an example? (im kinda stupid when it comes to this stuff)

There’s like 3 guides on that.

ah whatever im gonna figure out how to make text operations i think theres a guide on text operations

My bad, i didn’t know

You could use lasers.

oh that looks… very complicated i might hold back on that if i cant figure it out in time b4 class ends

anyways gtg if i can figure this out tomorrow i´ll mark a solution

i´ll mark a solution tho i couldnt understand the text operations thing so i guess that will remain a mystery to me

You could use pixel-art and triggers

tried that couldnt figure out how to get it to appear at the players exact location

Did you use this coordinate system guide?
You could teleport the player to a certain location where the death animation takes place.

could salvage that to make an emoji trail just not an accurate death effect

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