Can you make 3d objects out of tiles?

Can you make 3d objects?

do you mean terrain?

Not sure what you mean, but you can create 3D illusions. Or layers with terrain.

Has some good examples

yeah, as such

Oops, heres the thing I made though:

Don’t post there though. It was locked due to thread issues.

Yep, a shame, really.

yep or this;

and would this be 3D?
Screenshot 2023-09-08 8.37.34 PM

Personally, I think this is the best one I made:

The shadows are great. Are you going to use this in a map (your speedrun one)?

I could make a 3D map in it though. Rn I’m at 80% memory so it might be the last one I’ll do.

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Usually we do 3D terrain though.

The off-topic police is here! Oh no! Let’s continue this at this


These all look really cool! Thanks for telling me.

My bad I was doing some hw.

If you make something really cool, post it there! I love to see other people’s work and ideas.

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