Can you let players gain xp?

Is there a way to implement xp gain?

No, there currently is not way to implement xp gain.

As long as you have a way for players to answer questions, they can earn xp. I think they may be able to do so when they knockout a oponent, but not sure.

Wait, really??? I remember seeing that the Gimkit team added xp gain…

I don’t think so. Whenever I play my map, I’ve never gotten xp.

Nope. While there is an xp granter in the files, it is not able to be placed by the public.

I think you might have to make it so the player starts with xp when they first enter

How do you see the files?

Inspect element. Also, I post all the leaks I find here:


Yeah you can search for gims in the files and thats how fandom members have found unlaunched gims

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The actual work behind that was done by anotherslime, who made, which as of the new update no longer functions (and as of so far I have been unable to find gims). However, unreleased devices are very much discoverable.


Cool, and no you are wong about that, go to the gimkit Fandom and it tells you were to look and if you go to a gims profile page it will tell you there secret name( or what they are known as in the files) and they changed a lot of the old gims names changed but they are still a thing.

The secret name is the ID. And as of now, I am on a school computer and cannot access fandom. Can you send a screenshot of their instructions for finding unreleased gims?

i am also on a school pc s i cant but i can ping my friend who is the head moderator for the fandom. @RickStachely please give me the infor for accessing gims ID’s.

Hi, I got pinged soooo, what do you guys need help with?

What are the instructions for finding unreleased gims in the files?

Oh let me get it off the fandom real quick!

Told you

Ok @Blackhole927 so you will click on the first link for gims, second for stickers, and third for trails! But after you click the link, you can put in any random name/word that might be a gim or already is one like “mustache” is “Stache” but it is case sensitive so the first word like “mustache” is lowercase then if you want a deferent color then you do this: “mustachePink” that is “Stache Pink” and so on! But for stickers and trails you do “echo_flag” or “origin_token” so you put a underscore as like a space. Oh and becasue the forum doesn’t let you say their name put a lowercase “g” in front of the “imkit”.


Yep that is what I meant.