Can you let players gain xp?

Yeah, this doesn’t allow new gims to be easily scraped from the code. There isn’t a way of doing this anymore.


Do you mean in-game xp? Or gimcoin xp?

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any possible new gamemodes?

you must have at least one answer incorrect to gain XP. I have tried it and it works.

Well I have a Japanese gimkit and that didn’t work.

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Platformer mode (like Mario) is gonna be a thing

On gimkit’s original gamemodes, players including you can earn XP on different ways. In gimkit creative modes, you can only answer questions correctly to gain XP (the question only needs 1 answer correct to earn XP).

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Josh has confirmed that with the new update this is no longer possible.


Aw, man. That’s too bad.

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Oh, darn, it ws nice while we had it.